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I have just returned from a weeklong trip in New York. Needless to say, I'm a little worn out after flying nearly 6,000 miles in under ten days, but my time in NY justifies all the effort. I was finally able to reunite with a woman who is very special to me, and together we were able to explore New York City. We explored the Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo together, both a which are perfect spots for dates since she loves animals. We were also able to visit the Manhattan Temple, which was the first time I had ever seen a Latter Day Saint Temple. 

We also had the opportunity to visit the town of Palmyra in upstate New York. Palmyra is where the latter-day prophet Joseph Smith was born, and we were able to visit the Palmyra Temple, the Smith Family Farm, and the Sacred Grove together, before attending the Hill of Cumorah Pageant. All of these were very beautiful and provided us with a great deal of spiritual insight.

New York City itself proved to be a fascinating web of religious traditions, with practically every sect in the world represented somewhere. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and unbelievers of every creed all rubbed shoulders every day. I was blessed enough to be able to attend church for one Sunday in NYC, and I was heartened when I saw that the church members were just as fervent as my home congregation 3000 miles away.

I leave for the Army on August 15, and I'm only now beginning to realize the scale of my commitment. Basic Training is going to be hard, probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but I will succeed and come out of it as a better and stronger man. After that I have a month of Advanced Training for the job I selected (Human Resources work), and then after that I have Airborne Training. Hopefully, when all that is done, I will be able to return to New York, and the special woman who lives there.

(cough) while on the topic of special women, the ever awesome :icongambargin: has released a series of questions which, through a intricate process of Freudian psychoanalytical techniques, will allow him to determine the exact trajectory of my love life!

  1. When you want to go to your lover's house, do you take a short but boring route, or a long but enjoyable route? I would take the short but boring route.
  2. On the way, you want to buy him/her 10 roses. There are two choices, Red or White. Would you buy all red, or all white, or a combination of them? I am certain that white roses would suit her best.
  3. When you reach his/her place, someone came out and greet you. would you ask the person to come and get your lover to come, or you prefer to allow yourself inside and meet him/her personally? I would prefer to go inside and meet her personally.
  4. Once you are in, where would you put the roses in his/her room? On the bed, or on the window? The roses would go on the window.
  5. You decided to stay in his/her house, but sleep in different bedroom. When you are awake in the morning, do you think that your lover is already awake or still sleeping? She would probably already be awake. She's a really good hostess, so I'm certain that she'd get up before me to get a head start on making breakfast.
  6. The day is over, and it's time for you to go back. Which route do you chose to go home? short but boring one, or Long and enjoyable one? I'd take the long and enjoyable route home.

God bless you all!


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H. Dane S.
United States
Hello I'm Dane and welcome to my page. I'm just your average unskilled deviant who is more than happy to provide praise to art pieces that catch my interest.

My Favorite Artists Are:
:iconricochet188:, :iconwildweasel339:, and :iconejbeachy:

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Lemniskate Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Kind Sir of the Deviant Companions,
have a jar of my finest pickled sea cucumbers, courtesy of :icongambargin:!
I hope you appreciate the troubles I went through to have it delivered to you. You see, the Sea Cucumber Cultists are after me for my alleged blasphemy. If you could distract them by posting a link to the artwork of those mombers of the Great Houses who have not yet joined a guild on a cultist's page or artwork, I shall be grateful eternally!
ironsides11 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Many thanks, I shall store these pickled sea cucumbers away from prying eyes. 

Hopefully, I can distract the Sea Cucumber Cultists and secure your escape. Travel well, friend.
Lemniskate Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Yes, store them well. May I inquire how you fared with your quest?
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